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Property assessment inspectors – Altus Group

The Altus Group is mandated to carry out property assessment work on the territory of the MRC La Jacques-Cartier. As stipulated in the Law on municipal taxation, assessment work consists of making an assessment roll every three years and keeping it up to date following events occurring at the property (real estate transfers, renovations or demolition, cadastral operations, taxation category, etc.). The assessment roll is a summary of the inventory of buildings located on the territory of the municipality and reflects the value of each building on the basis of its real value.

Note that under the Municipal Taxation Act, owners or occupants have the obligation to allow the appraiser or his representative to visit their property and provide information relating to their real estate.

However, given the severe constraints linked to interior inspections of residences and the potential risks of contamination due to COVID-19, the suspension of interior inspections is maintained in order to protect citizens and our employees. Only exterior visits to residential properties will be carried out. To this end, the inspectors will be provided with a blue bib, identified by the Altus Group, so that they are more visible to citizens.

Considering that interior visits cannot take place, Groupe Altus will use self-declaration forms that the owner will be required to complete under the law. The use of these forms is authorized by the MAMH and the Order of Approved Assessors of Quebec.

A quality control will be implemented to validate the information provided by the owners. Altus Group may ask the owners to produce photographs or other documents to complete the compilation of the information if necessary.

Finally, a request for review for registration on the assessment roll is possible following the filing of an assessment roll (April 30 of the first year of the roll) or following the sending of a notice of change in the roll evaluation (60 days after dispatch). The request for review must be written on a prescribed form available at the MRC office and must be accompanied by an amount provided for in the regulations.

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