I secure my swimming pool, it is my responsibility

You are the owner of a swimming pool or you have the project to install a swimming pool in your backyard, you must know that there are standards to be respected in terms of safety.

Remember that a new provincial regulation on the safety of residential swimming pools has been adopted in order to prevent drowning. It essentially aims to control access to residential swimming pools by simple measures, such as the installation of an enclosure equipped with a safety door.

Consult the LEAFLET Residential Swimming Pool Safety Regulations

Every year the Lifesaving Society and the Coroner’s Office mourn drowning deaths among young children.

The City of Shannon is responsible for enforcing the By-law on the safety of residential swimming pools on its territory. Owners or future buyers should check with the City to find out the applicable rules.

For any questions, contact a municipal inspector at 418 844-3778 or by email at ville@shannon.ca.

To find out more about all the applicable rules, visit www.quebec.ca/piscinesresidentielles