Please note that it is now possible to obtain the following permits on the Voilà! portal.

  • Cutting down non-commercial trees
  • Construction of an accessory building
  • Patio, gallery, terrace
  • Pool
  • Accessory building renovation
  • Spa

To obtain your permit you must have your Dossier citoyen Voilà!

If you haven’t already, create your Dossier citoyen Voilà! CLIC HERE


  • Connect to your Dossier citoyen File;
  • Once connected, click on the DEMANDES tab;
  • Then click on NOUVELLE DEMANDE and then on the PERMIS button;
  • Select the desired permit;
  • Then fill out the required fields in the form, add the supporting documents and then click ENVOYER.

You will receive an email when it is time to make your payment.

Payment terms

By credit card, from your Dossier citoyen File.

List of rates

Please consult the list of rates for permits, fees and certificates (in French only).