Would you like to buy a rainwater collection barrel?

The City of Shannon, wishing to promote sustainable development, adopted By-law No. 688-22 aimed at promoting the acquisition of rainwater collection barrels by granting financial assistance in the form of a rebate payable to building owners used for residential purposes in its territory.

“The City is pleased to implement this ecological measure aimed at encouraging the reduction of drinking water consumption,” said Mayoress Sarah Perreault.

The rainwater collection barrel is an ecological solution for watering gardens, lawns and flowerbeds that avoids the waste of drinking water.

Discount Description

  • The discount by check is granted only to owners;
  • The discount corresponds to 50% of the invoice up to a maximum of $70, and this, while the available funds are available;
  • The discount is granted only for any barrel with a maximum capacity of 300 liters, likely to collect rainwater and marketed as such;
  • A maximum of one (1) discount can be paid to the owner for each building or condominium he owns.

Consult the rules for all the eligibility conditions


The City of Shannon offers its citizens a discount for the acquisition of a rainwater collection barrel corresponding to 50% of the invoice up to a maximum of $70, and this, while the available funds are available.

To join this program, please complete the following form, along with a copy of the purchase invoice, as well as proof of residence (driver’s license, tax account, etc.).

A paper form is also available at the City Hall at 50, Saint-Patrick Street.

Eligibility conditions

  • The building where the condominium covered by the application must be located on the territory of the City and be a single-family or multi-family building used for residential purposes;
  • The barrel must have been purchased from a retailer. (Self-made barrels are not eligible for the rebate);
  • The application form duly completed with the invoice must be submitted no later than October 30 of the year following the acquisition;
  • The purchase must have been made after July 4, 2022 (effective date of the regulations).

Required documents
Before completing your application, make sure you have proof of residence (driver’s license, tax account, etc.) as well as the original invoice or a legible copy of your purchase. This document must clearly indicate:

  • Date of purchase
  • The name and address of the retailer
  • The name of the manufacturer (brand of the barrel)
  • The name and number of the model.

Suggestions for installation and use
The rain barrel should:

  • be installed in the rear or side yard;
  • be installed on a stable surface;
  • have the lid tightly closed;
  • be raised so that you can slide a watering can under the tap.

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ADRESSE DU PROPRIÉTAIRE (si différente de celle où les barils seront installés)

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