The City of Shannon has two exterior digital display screens, one located at the intersection of route de la Bravoure and Rochon street and another at 75, Gosford road.

The main purpose of these displays is to promote municipal activities including notices, council meetings, leisure activities and others. However, to increase the visibility of activities and events, organizations that are recognized by the city may post public service announcements free of charge.

Companies can also reserve advertising space on the screens.

The advertiser must provide editing at their own expense.

For more information, please contact the Communications Department at 418 844-3778 or via email at



Product Description Digital Screen Rate/month
tx included
Advertising display Advertising broadcast on a “7 day/24 hour” time slot for a duration of 10 seconds of continuous display, in rotation with the other advertisements displayed during the current month Corner of route de la Bravoure Shannon Merchant 290,00 $
Non-resident merchant 430,00 $
Shannon Community Center Shannon Merchant 175,00 $
Non-resident merchant 260,00 $
Digital display screen(s) Duration Reduction
1 More than 90 days 10 %
2 Less than 90 days 15 %
2 More than 90 days 20 %