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Our sincere greetings to all,

On December 11th 2000, following the announcement of the water table contamination feeding private wells, mostly on the south-east side of the Jacques-Cartier river in the municipality of Shannon, talks were already brewing to create a defence committee. On February 14th 2001, the Shannon Citizens’ Committee was formed. The aims of this Committee were and still are to inform and defend the Citizens who are suffering or have suffered in the dossier of the contamination by TCE and its degradation products (MCE (CV ou VC), DCE et PCE).

In December 2003, the Committee notified its intention to sue (as a class action) the liable organisations for the contamination. From January to November 2011, we were in Superior Court with a verdict rendered in the summer of 2012. Following our reading and analysis of this 2012 judgment and our conviction of errors of law and fact and mixed errors, this judgment was carried in Québec Court of Appeal. The appeal was heard, pleaded and questioned on the weeks of 22nd and 29th of October 2018 for 8,5 days. The awaited judges’ decision was published on the 17th of January 2020.

Most of you know about and possibly have read the judgment of the Court of Appeal. We will not answer immediately your questions and it is not that we do not want to answer them, it is simply that there is a 60 day time period between the publication of the judgment and the next step in the case. For now, the judgment is not enforceable. Thus, nothing can happen before the end of the legal period of 60 days, nothing. It is a legal period of analysis and reflection that the law gives (obliges…) for us the petitioner (Marie-Paule Spieser plaintiff and the Citizens’ Committee), and the defendant parties (the Queen of Canada through the prosecutor General of Canada (National Defense of Canada)), SNC-Lavalin at Valcartier (SIVI, Société Immobilière de Valcartier Inc.) and General Dynamics (GD-OTS CANADA), can serenely in all tranquillity decide their next steps in this matter.

As there seems to be confusion, the PMQs (permanent married quarters) outside the base gates and fences, are in the town of Shannon, thus the people who live there are Shannonites ! The exception is Cannon street which is in Saint‑Gabriel-de-Valcartier but considered legally as being in Shannon for the class action.

The Shannon Citizens’ Committee has leaded a collective action on behalf of the Citizens and ex-Citizens of Shannon, all Humans. What is more, from the people of Shannon, it is not we who decide who will be compensated and for what period of time ! Firstly it was the Superior Court first (2012) and now the Court of Appeal (2020) ! It is the Court which judges and decides according to the laws ! And we have to wait until the end of the 60-day deadline for the next step that we do not know at this moment !

The 60-day period ends on March 17th, 2020 at 17:00 h, so no real news before March 18th, 2020. Thank you again for your immense patience, we know you understand.

And yes this delay is over however, inside that delay, the Queen of Canada (attorney general of Canada) has applied for an authorisation at the Canada Supreme Court to appeal this judgment from the Court of Appeal. This resulted in an additional 30 day delay for us to decide whether or not to request a cross-appeal. So we are aligned towards the Supreme Court of Canada. Early on at the start of this 30-day period, the COVID-19 pandemic due to the coronavirus was decreed and, as of March 25, 2020, the Supreme Court of Canada suspended the application of the delay limits. And this suspension of delay limits will end when the Supreme Court of Canada issues a notice to that effect. So, as of July, we still need patience. Also, this leaves time to browse through and read the judgment of January 17, 2020, which is not, however, enforceable but available on the site of the SOciété QUébécoise d’Information Juridique (SOQUIJ) at the following address .

Jean Bernier, Shannon Citizens’ Committee

If you believe that you are suffering or have suffered or if you know of a person suffering or that as suffered of this situation, the Committee invites you to fill out the online form describing your situation or the situation of another person. The aim of this form is to obtain the most complete register of the cancers and other medical situations that could have a link with the TCE contamination. All information on the form will be confidentially treated by the Committee, our lawyers and experts.

This form describing medical situations is not a registration for the Class Action. We cannot presume the outcome of the Appeal’s Court judgement, so, all affected Citizens and former Citizens, already registered or not, must wait for the Appeal’s Court judgement to know the events that will follow. Whether you have joined or not the Class Action, a period of registration could follow after and according to the declarations that will be in the judgement of the Appeal’s Court. Instructions will follow.

On the other hand, to help you complete the descriptive questionnaire of your medical situation, here is a situation in the United States. In an American law, “The Janey Ensminger Act of 2016”, eight medical situations were recognized by the US government as having possible links to TCE contamination. Here is an enumeration :

(1) Kidney cancer

(2) Liver cancer

(3) Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma

(4) Adult leukemia

(5) Multiple myeloma

(6) Parkinson’s disease

(7) Aplastic anemia and other myelodysplastic syndromes

(8) Bladder cancer

The Committee adds to this list a 9th and 10th case, a brain cancer and a male breast cancer.

(9) Brain cancer

(10) Male breast cancer

It is to be noted that a medical situation or cancer that you want to describe is not restricted to the 10 cases listed. From time to time, the Committee will publish historical and actual information “here” on this site, but also at the following addresses (URL) :

Jean Bernier

TCE Shannon Contamination

“La Gang” de Valcartier/Shannon

The Shannon Citizens’ Committee

Marie-Paule Spieser, Dr Claude Juneau and Jean Bernier

Descriptive form for a register of cancers and medical situations in Shannon

Please, fill in every field with mouse and keyboard and fill one form per person.

Cliquer ici pour accéder à la version française de ce sondage.

Register of cancers and medical situations


The City of Shannon (City) has no official connection to the Shannon Citizens’ Committee. The City simply offers a showcase on its website “” to facilitate communication between those involved. The City does not receive any information regarding the contents of the “Cancer and Other Health Registry Description Form for Shannon”. The City is not responsible for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies that may occur. The City assumes no responsibility for them. The City can not be held responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused by the use of this form or the consultation of its website ““. The City of Shannon is subject to the Act respecting Access to Documents Held by Public Bodies and the Protection of Personal Information. As such, it must take appropriate measures to ensure the protection of personal information it collects, including those obtained through the site ““.