“Freshly arrived in Shannon, saw in the local paper that volunteers were needed for Halloween day, signed up and had a blast so much that I signed up again for Winterfest .

 I was able to fraternize with lots of people and this allowed me to know really nice people, to have fun and it is satisfying to get involved in your community.

 I encourage you to do the same!” Serge, 62 years old


We are always looking for candidates! The Halloween Shannon 2023 Committee will soon begin its work to create a magical day for young and old. Get involved and give your color to this unifying event!


People interested in volunteering can contact the Recreation Department at 418 844-3778 ext. 230 or by email at loisirs@shannon.ca

An online form is also available on the City’s website www.shannon.ca/en/citizens-services/become-a-volunteer/