The City of Shannon offers citizens superior quality water that is subject to rigorous quality control on a daily basis by a specialized firm.

Over the past 10 years, the City of Shannon has acquired modern and reliable facilities for its water system.

“It is important to remind citizens that the days of worrying about drinking water for our community are now over. Residents have nothing to fear. To meet government standards, our water purification processes are continuously monitored to ensure that the water that comes from our water system is of superior quality and remains so as it passes through the water distribution system,” said mayoress Sarah Perreault.

The City of Shannon is constantly striving to improve the quality of its drinking water and optimize the processes used to purify water and distribute it to its citizens.

Work to expand the drinking water treatment plant are now completed. The new equipment removes iron and manganese residues that sometimes give the water a reddish colour.

This work, estimated at $2.6 million, will receive 80% of its financing from the federal and provincial governments through the Fonds pour l’eau potable et le traitement des eaux usées (FEPTEU).

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