Tax invoices are mailed at the beginning of each year to the owners who are registered on the assessment roll. They are deposited in the Dossier citoyen Voilà! for citizens who have joined the e-tax account or are mailed.

The tax rates are determined annually by the city’s operating budget, which is adopted by the council members during December of the preceding year. If there is a change in the property value assessment, the owner will receive a tax adjustment account during the year.

Consult your tax bill online with Voilà!

Would you like to consult your tax bill online? The Finance Department would like to remind citizens that it is possible to register for the “Dossier citoyen Voilà!” to receive their tax bill electronically. It’s simple: select the “Dossier citoyen Voilà!” button to create your account. Next, by using the “Payment of taxes” option in the “Useful links” menu, you will be able to make a pre-authorized payment from your bank account.


If you do not receive your invoice within days, please contact the Finance Department at to obtain a copy.

How to register for the online tax account ?

To register for the online tax account, you must link your property to your Voilà! account.


  • Go to the Voilà! portal home page;
  • Select the PROPERTY tab;
  • Select ADD A PROPERTY;
  • Following this step, you will need to ADD YOUR 2024 TAX ​​ACCOUNT

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  • Taxation dates

When the amount owing is greater than $300, tax payments must be made in four (4) equal instalments.


  • 1st payment: March 12
  • 2nd payment: May 7
  • 3rd payment: August 6 
  • 4th payment:  October 1st

How can you pay your tax bill?

In person

By cheque, cash or debit card at the reception desk located at the entrance of the City Hall. Wearing a mask is mandatory.

By mail

By sending a cheque, payable to the City of Shannon, to 50, Saint-Patrick Street, Shannon, QC, G3S 0A1. On the back of your cheque, enter the registration number shown on your tax bill and attach the corresponding tax slips.

In the mail chute

By depositing your cheque(s), payable to the City of Shannon, in the City Hall mail chute. On the back of your cheque, please enter the registration number shown on your tax bill and attach the corresponding tax slips.

Using the telephone or Internet payment service offered by the following financial institutions :

  • Royal Bank
  • Bank of Montréal
  • National Bank of Canada
  • Scotiabank
  • Caisse populaire Desjardins

Online, using the citizen portal Voilà!

Using the “Paiement des taxes” option in the “Liens utiles” menu.  You will be able to make a pre-authorized payment from your bank account.

What happens if you default on a payment

If you fail to make your payments on the due dates, you will be required to immediately pay the entire annual amount. In addition, interest and a penalty will be added to the outstanding balance.

Download the brochure for additional information (French only)

New owner

Are you a new owner?

The tax bill produced at the begining of the year remains in effect throughout the year. It is important to note that the City of Shannon does not issue any new tax invoices following a real estate transaction.

Due to the processing times for updating the assessment roll, it may happen that the tax invoice for your property is sent to the name of the previous owner. This does not in any way relieve you of your obligation to pay the taxes attached to this property. Any payment made after the due dates will incur additional interest charges (at an annual rate of 15%).

As you are responsible for paying taxes related to your property, it is important to make sure that they have been paid or will be paid by the due dates.

We recommend that you take the time to read your tax bill carefully and to contact us with any questions.

Tax adjustment

Following a change in the value of a property during the year, a tax adjustment account may be issued. When the total amount exceeds $300, this tax bill is payable in two equal instalments. Otherwise, it is payable in a single payment within 30 days of the date the tax adjustment account is issued.

For more information, contact the Finance Department at 418 844-3778 or by email at