The property assessment roll is a summary of the inventory of properties within a city’s territory. These properties are evaluated on the same basis and on the same date. The property assessment roll is effective for three consecutive municipal fiscal years and is primarily used to indicate the value of these properties for municipal property and school taxation purposes.

Online Assessment

The online assessment unit is a one-stop portal, focused on the assessment unit, which allows various clienteles to obtain information on the assessment, area, frontage, etc., of a property. Obtaining information is simple and consistent, and the content is based on the type of user.

Service for the general public (free)

The public online assessment tool allows citizens to search by assessment roll, registration number or address in order to obtain the information appearing on the city’s land roll for a selected property. The city is on the official assessment roll of the parish of Sainte-Catherine-de-la-Jacques-Cartier, in the registration division of Portneuf-de-la-Jacques-Cartier.

Public online assessment

Service for professionals (with fees, registration required)

The online assessment tool for professionals provides those who use it with greater flexibility and autonomy.

Who is this service for?

All real estate professionals can access the website. If you are a notary, real estate agent, chartered appraiser or from any other related profession, this website is designed for you.

Online assessment for professionals