The bidding process is divided into three categories based on the proposed expenditure:


These contracts may be awarded without a formal call for tenders or publication.

By invitation

A request for proposal must be issued for these contracts, in writing, to at least two contractors or suppliers. These calls for tender must provide for a submission deadline of at least eight (8) days.

Public tenders

These contracts must be subject to a public tender advertised in a newspaper that is distributed on the city’s territory and on the Government of Québec’s electronic tendering system ( These calls for tenders must provide for a submission deadline of at least fifteen (15) days.

Professionnal services

Contracts relating to the supply of professional services ranging from $25,000 to $99,999 are subject to a call for tenders.

Awarding contracts

Under no circumstances is the City Council obliged to award the contract to the lowest bidder and the council may reject any bid submitted, as it may decide.