The City of Shannon invites you to share your comments, requests and complaints about municipal services so that we can work together to improve our services and quality of life.

For any requests or complaints, such as potholes, snow removal, By-laws, etc., it is possible to contact us by completing the form available via the mobile app Voilà!.

If you haven’t already, created your Dossier citoyen file CLIC HERE


In the event of an accident or incident, a citizen who wishes to present a CLAIM against the City of Shannon must OBLIGATORY respect certain formalities depending on whether it is personal, physical or moral injury. In order to obtain compensation for injury, the citizen must send a written notice in the 15 days following the date of the event to the GREFFE, by mail or email.

If not all information can be provided within 15 days, it is still mandatory to send the notice within the time limit.

The citizen can also fill out the following online form.

Citizens who have completed the form will receive an acknowledgement and other documents.

Requests, complaints and claims


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Public work request

You have seen a street light that is off, a tree has fallen, a sewer or aqueduct problem ?


You would like to deposit a complaint about a dog, snow removal, etc. ?


You would like to claim the city, following a corporal, material ou moral prejudice ?