Take advantage of your next outdoor outing to learn more about the rich history of our Town with the help of Shannon’s BaladoDiscovery which tells the story of the beginnings of the wooden railway, the Irish roots of the Town, the old schools, the history of the chapel as well as Shannon’s bridges and ferries. Starting from the caboose, located near the Vélopiste Jacques-Cartier/Portneuf, the route takes participants to the two bridges on chemin de Gosford.

This 4 kilometer loop circuit is designed to be covered on foot or by bicycle. Each of the points of interest is told in order to highlight interesting facts specific to each one. Content can be viewed onsite or at the comfort of one’s home.

Shannon’s BaladoDiscovery is offered free of charge to iPhone and iPad users, as well as users of Android tablets and phones. It is also possible to download it from the following link:

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