Fire prevention inspection

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Fire Prevention Inspection

General Information

Name of owner (s) *
Is your civic number visible from the street? (Municipal By-law) *
Are your exits to leave the premises clear?


Do you have smoke alarms on each floor including the basement? (Municipal By-law) *
When pressing the test button on your smoke alarms, do they work? *
Do you ever remove the battery from a smoke alarm to prevent it from ringing?  *
Are you connected to an alarm central? *
Are your smoke alarms battery operated or electric?  *
If your smoke alarms are battery operated, do you change the batteries regularly - when the time is changed, for example *
Do you have a carbon monoxide detector? *


Electrical panel *
Is the 36 in. clearance from the panel respected?
Are the circuits identified on the panel?  *
Passing the back of your hand over the electrical panel, is there an abnormal heat generation? *
Are there electrical wires running under your carpets?  *


Main heating *
Secondary heating *
Do the clearances around your solid combustion stove respect the prescribed distances on your certification plate?  *
Has your chimney been swept in the past year?  *
Do you place hot ashes in a metal container at least 72 hours before disposing of them?  *


Do you have a portable fire extinguisher?  *

Various - Interior

Do you fry in a container other than an approved fryer?  *
Do you leave burning candles unattended?  *
Is there a smoker present?  *
Is there an animal present? *
Is there a person with reduced mobility? *
Is there an oxygen cylinder present? *

Various - Exterior

Is there a propane, fuel, oil or other tank near the residence?  *
Is there an outdoor fireplace with spark protection? *
Is there a danger of fire spreading to other buildings? *

Evacuation Plan

Do you have an evacuation plan to direct your family to a meeting point in case of fire?  *
Are your relatives and caretaker aware that you have an evacuation plan?  *
Do family members know that the first thing to do when a fire breaks out is to call 911? *